I’m a Royal Marine

Well I’m not obviously.  It was however the title of the workshop Sam did at the first Home Educator Day that was run by the RM museum.  We’ve done a few workshops here over the years and they have always been creative, engaging and informative.  This one was no exception.

The theme was surviving in the jungle.  Like all RM workshops we’ve done it started with ‘drill’ before moving inside having to cross stepping stones over the river as a nice touch.  A slide show, q&a sort of session followed.  Then they coloured maps to show areas of rainforest.

Back outside they had to assemble a mosquito tent.

20160914_14 20160914_17 20160914_19

Inside they worked around 4 bases; making bugs, matching animal tracks, trying on uniform and looking at ration packs.

20160914_25 20160914_27 20160914_30 20160914_32 20160914_34 20160914_36 20160914_37 We ended the workshop with a trip into the museum to look at their jungle galleries.



We spent some time before and after on the assault course.  20160914_9 20160914_11 20160914_41

The Pokemon bug is still going strong and is proving a great way of keeping him happy when we’re out.

20160914_1 20160914_4

After the museum we popped in to Southsea shops to take advantage of cheap embroidery threads and then went to Argos in Gosport to collect a broken computer for Sam to dismantle. I had to send him to have a bath before tea in order to stop him taking ‘just one more bit off’.  Let him go at after we’d eaten.


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