Is there any lesson that can’t be enhanced by the use of jelly?

Jelly is one of my (and definitely Sam’s too) favourite teaching aids.  After last week’s skin layers this week’s science was spent on the internal components of body.  We read and watched some BrainPop videos (subscribed through the PopArt Fb group for a discount).   Then made an infographic of the elements that make up the human body.


We moved on to cells and cell processes which is where jelly came in.  We made a model of the human cell.  It was very tasty apparently 🙂

jelly = cytoplasm
bowl = plasma membrane
marshmallow = nucleus
ribbons = endoplasmic reticulum
snake = golgi body
laces = microtubules
red jelly beans = mitochondria
green jelly beans = lysosomes


After we talked about diffusion in cells and watched drops of food colouring diffuse through water.


We talked about how the protective layer let some things and out and demonstrated by putting a few spoons of cornflour (and enough water to make it sink) in a freezer bag in a solution of water an iodine tincture.


All the iodine had been soaked up through the bag into the cornflour. Finally we talked about osmosis and set up four gummy bears; a test, one in water, one in water with small amout of salt dissolved in, one with a saturated saline solution.


Bear in water absorbed water and grew, the saturated saline solution stayed the same or even shrank a little, the mild saline solution expanded.

Full hit of successes, everything doing what it should – rare but nice.

Rest of Thursday went in the usual maths, English, Latin and Spanish, chatting to my dad and more Civ5.

Pete was for the evening so the boys and I had a takeaway and film night. We watched Inception, Sam has been fascinated by workings of dreams lately, particularly lucid dreaming and dream with in a dream states.  I think we may be talking about themes in this film for some time.

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