Kensington Palace and So Much More

Wednesday was one of those days that you know will stick with you as one of the great home ed days when you look back.

As you have probably gathered I love days out. Sam given the choice would rarely leave the house but with only very rare exceptions is very good at embracing and throwing himself into things, particularly when there is just us to please, and does obviously enjoy it.

I am a firm advocate of learning by doing and seeing, so where better to start a study of Queen Victoria than at the palace where she was born.


We had a look at a interesting take on a timeline of kings and queens.
We started from the early days of the Palace as a royal palace, in the Kings and Queen’s apartments of Mary II and William III.

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Then we moved on to the Victoria Revealed exhibition.  It was lovely done with quotes taken from her numerous letters and diaries.  For some reason instead of having information boards on things they had books in each room that had the floor plan and info in.  We didn’t like that, Sam devours information boards normally.  Was fascinating to see exactly how small she was – we reckon about 2 inches taller than Sam.

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Sam agrees with me that Prince Albert is a bit of a hero.  Until I read a biography recently I hadn’t realised that the whole museum quarter of Kensington and the cultural institutions around them were his brainchild and were funded from the revenues of the Great Exhibition.  What a gift to the Nation!

Although it didn’t interest Sam he humoured me enough to come and look at the fashion galleries.  Remember this one so clearly.  I loved the sketches.

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After the museum we picnicked and explored the grounds.  Spent a long time in the Diana Memorial Playground and ended up walking back through Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park and Green Park catching Pokemon on the way.

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