Lazy Day

Straight from the off Friday had the air of a day where not much would happen.  The foot I hurt on Thursday was (is) painful to walk on.  Then when writing a work email I noticed the date as being my mum’s birthday.  Realised I’ve lived over 1/3 of my life without her now. Anyway I definitely wasn’t on top form physically or mentally so was resigned to a gentle day.

When I woke Sam he was really struggling with getting up so I went and grabbed some of our reading books and we spent most of the day curled up in my bed reading about Queen Victoria (Sam was playing on Kindle for a lot of it too).

We did make it downstairs for an hour to finish off the week’s maths and English, do a bit of Latin, research the flag of India and upload his wildlife photos to his blog.

Sam eventually got dressed about 6.30pm so he could go and practice fire lighting at Scouts.

As much as I love all the busy, social days and the active, productive ones, there’s definitely a place for lazy, restorative days too.



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