Friday saw us back in London.  This time with friends, we managed to nearly fill a carriage as there were 20 of us on our train (and to Sam’s delight, although vastly outnumbered he did have male company).
The venue this time was a video introduction to and a tour of Parliament.

We’d done a tour last year and it was completely different, I knew they varied depending on what was going on that day but it didn’t overlap at all.  The big difference was that the House’s weren’t sitting so we were able to go onto the floor of the Commons (might rank as one of the most exciting things ever for me 🙂 ).

We saw the old debating chamber full of statues of ex-prime ministers and the Members Library and one of the Division lobbys as well as the Commons chamber.  Not allowed to sit down or take photos in the chamber unfortunately. So here are a few in the debating chamber and Westminster hall.

20160910_8 20160910_9 20160910_7 20160910_6 20160910_4 20160910_15 20160910_10

I had vague plans to try and go to the O’Keeffe exhibition after but we were a lot later out than I expected so it was picnic, park and catch the train home with friends.

A lovely end to a fabulous week.

20160910_17 20160910_18 20160910_19


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