PJs, Preparing and Youtube

We have declared Tuesday our sacred, pyjama day for this academic year.  We really do need a day at home (local parks etc not really counting as out) every week and the only way to to keep that is to be really hardline.  Unless it is a friend’s birthday that is the only thing we will go out for.

We’re in a bit of a transition phase this week.  We’ve a few big days out planned so I decided that we wouldn’t start ‘work’ properly until next week.  This week is about making sure we are practically and psychologically ready for next week, breaking the bad habits we slip into over the summer and stoking enthusiasm.

Sam was slow to get up (one of the bad habits to break) so we started the morning browsing the offerings of this year’s Into Film festival.  Signed up to 3 this year; BFG, latest Ice Age (on his birthday) and the Jungle Book.  Sensible amount and good choices I think.  Had the realisation that we first saw Ice Age 2 as part of the forerunner to this festival!  Old!

We spent much of the morning setting Sam up a private blog for him to put any computer based work he does in one place.
sam's blogAfter lunch Sam made ginger shortbread to take out with us tomorrow.

20160906_11 20160906_14 20160906_18As you all probably know, lots of our ‘work’ actually is just reading so we made some bookmarks as we have a few longer books planned this year.  I was taken with the Gruffalo one I made for the under 10’s group I run so we went down that path.
20160901_3  I’d love to say these were my idea but I saw them on Red Ted Art’s Youtube channel when I was checking the basic folds for a corner bookmark.

20160906_13 20160906_17 The excitement of the day was that while he was being slow about getting up I bought and installed some screen capture software.  He’s spent a fair chunk of the afternoon working out how it works, how to edit videos and add sound and how to upload stuff to Youtube.  Happy boy, rocking the new specs 🙂  20160906_19

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