Productive PJ Day

Tuesday’s PJ record is still standing! Go us!

It doesn’t seem to harm productivity. Just the opposite in fact. In maths we motored through the computer side and moved on to some investigations; designing a number system and looking at Goldbach’s Conjecture.  We did a bit of English too.

We finished reading My Royal Story Victoria and followed up with a quick read about the House of Hanover in our Usborne Kings and Queens book and tried to put the uncles we’d been reading about in the My Story book into Victoria’s family tree.


Over lunch we watched The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Ear. It’s a subject I’ve read quite a lot about but still found really interesting and Sam did too.

Argh. Lost the nice photos I was uploading to post.  Oh well somehow managed to use 4 cameras so have a couple.

The afternoon was spent on science.  We were looking at skin, hair and nails.  At a workshop earlier in the year we used a microscope that attached to the pc and I was very impressed.  As they were cheaper in bulk I’d hoped to organise a group purchase with some friends.  However, summer has left me rather short of cash so thought we’d have to go without, but Ebay came up trumps and I managed to get one for £5.  So we spent a lot of time looking at everything (not just skin, hair and nails ;))

s20160920_0011 s20160920_0013This was Sam’s favourite trick.  The microscope trained on the computer showing an image of what the microscope was trained on.  Bit sickness inducing.

We talked about the sebum layer on the skin and tried to see the effect of removing it (surgical spirit) and then getting the hand wet.  Tested the strength of hair by attaching the hair to a bag to which we kept adding marbles.

Finally we made a ‘skin layer cake’. The marshmallows are the fat layer.  The jelly (with laces for nerve endings) is the dermis. The apple leather is the epidermis and cola pencils for hair.



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