Pure Gold

Some days are just like pure gold and Weds was one of them.  We were up in London yet again and the day started with an early morning trip to Sam’s favourite park in hazy sunshine and had it blissfully to ourselves.

20160922_2 A walk and a sit on some of the rather bizarre benches that now adorn the Southbank followed.  Paused to recall visit to St Paul’s earlier in the year and spot where we’d climbed to.

20160922_9 Then we got to our destination! Finally got in to see this, wanted to since it opened.  No photos of course but it was wonderful, never enjoyed an exhibition more and considering a trip back minus the boy before it finishes.  He enjoyed it too, I’d picked up the audio guide to keep him entertained which did the trick, he isn’t a bad companion for this sort of thing (much better than Pete or Jack would be anyway).

20160922_10 View from balcony of the Tate.  Spent quite a while out here musing on computer animation. 20160922_13 In other words how they made this?

Having had my big treat (of the year!) I set about making it up to Sam.  Lunch at Pizza Express did it.  I wasn’t impressed but he loved it.  Look less manic I said!

20160922_15 After lunch we walked into the City.  Sam has been asking loads of questions about money, interest rates, inflation and exchange rates so we decided to take a trip to the Bank of England Museum.

Fabulous place.  Lots to explore hands on about trying to keep a steady economy.   Sam was so excited to touch real gold and feel how heavy it was.  Even did the trail!  Highly recommend a visit.

20160922_19 20160922_21 20160922_22 20160922_25 20160922_27 20160922_28 20160922_33 20160922_37 20160922_38 20160922_39 20160922_41 20160922_42 20160922_43 20160922_44 20160922_48 20160922_52After we appear to have misplaced 2 1/2 hours.  Slowly pottered back to the station via the park, at a very slow pace.  Caught a lot of Pokemon and visited a lot of Pokestops.  City and Southbank are teeming with them 🙂
Long discussion about ‘con artists’ in particular people dressed as Buddist monks who corner you when you can’t get past them under Southwark bridge and demand a donation of £20 for plastic tat that says peace on it and why Mum is not her usual polite self to such people!

20160922_53 20160922_55 20160922_59 20160922_65 20160922_66


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