Roll on September

If you’d have asked me a week ago I really wasn’t ready for Autumn term to start.  A week on my planning is finally coming together and the boys have gone from being angels to … well not angels.  They are ready to engage brains again (and have some time apart!).

Sam’s shifting in to it – psychology, philosophy and physics featuring largely in conversation.  Zombie’s too!  He’s rediscovered City of Zombies (which is a really, really, really good game) and obviously has zombies on the mind.  Pete resorted to braving the tops of our bedroom cupboards for an OU book with an essay on the subject,

Planning is mostly done.  I’m hoping to slot in some D&T and/or STEAM projects in there too.  Lots of it sounds hazy because it is, until I see how Sam reacts, how timings work.  I am not going to overplan.









Rather than spreadsheets this year I’ve adapted Kanban charts for our purpose.  This shows a term plan.  If you click on each ‘job’ there are dates, subtasks, notes, shopping lists.  I’m only sorted in this detail until Christmas I should say.

term plan

Then jobs from there get transferred to a ‘jobs for the week’ chart on a Sunday afternoon.  We’re having a slow start back (or starting with a bang depending on your view) as have a lot of big trips/days out planned so this one looks odd,  vague tasks to keep us busy rather than subject tasks.  The idea is I can put set things in on the right days in one colour and everything else in the first column and Sam can organise as he wants day by day.

jobs for the week

I am sure I had more to say but a very nice smelling end of holiday pizza treat is waiting.

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