Tuesday was again our ‘home day’. Managed to keep two safe so far so doing well ūüėČ

Trying to find our balance between embracing the moment and getting out and covering at least some of the ‘planned’ education side. ¬†We’d done less than I was hoping for on Monday thanks to slowness and being out. ¬†Tuesday saw pretty efficient levels though.

I’m letting Sam organise orders of doing stuff, so computer based stuff took priority. ¬†Revision on Duolingo after slipping down a few bars over the summer and some games on Mathletics. ¬†He also did some investigations in Maths; pattern spotting and a rubbish game. ¬†Latin, bit of grammar, dictation and spelling followed.

We then started this term’s science project – the human body. ¬†We read a large section of our book. ¬†Measured Sam’s height, weight, hand span and foot length for him to create a factfile on his blog.

We talked about facial symmetry (or lack of it). ¬†I took a photo of Sam’s face as straight on as I could. We printed out a copy and then used photo editing software to mirror image and printed that. ¬†Cut the photos in half and put them together to see two symmetrical versions of his face and saw how different they were.

20160913_112644We were thinking about venturing out to the beach but the rain came so we settled for a carpet picnic in front of Michael Wood’s Story of India.

20160913_5 I had some work calling then and the hayfever was giving us headaches. ¬†So while I worked Sam made a biocube (we’d been talking about biodomes and surviving in them) sort of thing in Minecraft.


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