The Question I Hate!

I hate it when people ask Sam ‘what work have you done today?’  It isn’t people who are anti-home ed at all, it is generally supportive family being interested and asking with the best of intentions.  The chances are, however, most of the time he’ll say ‘nothing’ or perhaps maths and English.  At which point I get a quizzical eyebrow.  In reality as you know I plan and do all sorts with Sam, but to me if he sees it as ‘work’ I am failing in one of the most important standards I set myself and need to change what we are doing.  Learning shouldn’t be work!  Trying to persuade people that the question is ‘what have you done?’

It came up because Sam was asked what work he’d done on Thurs morning and of course the answer ‘nothing’.  We’d spent the morning on the sofa recovering from Weds exhaustions, talking about what we’d seen at the palace, reading a book about Victoria as a young princess and fitting it in to what we’d seen.  Plus a few ethical discussions, I don’t know what he has been reading but he has cottoned on to the idea of veal and is quite anti it.  Lots of discussions about the ethics of meat eating and veganism.  Plus thoughts on concentration spans, how to build a successful youtube channel and what steps he needs to take to iron out issues he was having making videos.  Huge amounts learned, connections made but no ‘work’ done.

Afternoon was social and exercise time (something I have to consider and plan for with Sam).  Fortnightly trampolining group, he absolutely loves it!  Saw loads of new home eders and people I rarely see with my resolution to cross the harbour less.

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  1. Family always ask the best questions. My mother absentmindedly asked me what I was teaching today. I reminded her that it’s actually Saturday (and thus not a “school” day)! lol

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