Where Squirrels…

…throw conkers at you like weapons!

We went conker hunting yesterday, turns out we didn’t have much hunting to do.  There were squirrels in the tree who were opening up the shells, throwing them down, taking a couple of bites from the conker and then throwing them down too.  They were coming down with a lot of force too, felt a bit under siege under there.

Seriously never seen anything like it!

20160920_1 20160920_2


When the squirrels got bored (or full) we retired to the playground. We’d been joined by 3 other home ed families, it is lovely to see how children who have never met each other before and who are very different ages can play so happily.
Sam is starting to pick up a fan club from among the younger children, he is generally very good with them too.

20160920_6 At home we had a go at making fruit leather.  It was lovely before it was cooked.  Cooking was tricky we ended up with still sloppy, then burnt but did manage a very small amount of edible fruit leather.
20160920_7 20160920_8 20160920_9

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