Wildlife Photography

After the false start earlier in the summer, we finally started Sam’s art award on Saturday with a trip to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition at Gosport Gallery.  We did leave it to the last day unfortunately and ended up quite rushed as we had Pete and Jack waiting for us.  As ever Sam was reluctant to go and then spent ages there.  The lady manning the desk spent a while talking about it with him.

If it travels near you I advise you to see it.  I don’t think I’d appreciated how much thought would go in to the ‘staging’ of them.  One example was a beautifully lit view of elephants on the savannah but the photo had been taken through the legs of an elephant so the view was frames.  Another was a barn owl flying through a torn painting, another a chameleon’s eye through a hole in a leaf.  The time, effort and patience involved must be huge.  Sam and I have spent a while talking about what it is that takes some thing beyond being a ‘nice photo’ and makes it art.

Today he followed up the exhibition with a post on his own blog (more on that later) sharing his thoughts and favourites.  Hoping to further build on it practically by getting out with the camera.


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