Air Ambulance

Yesterday we had a lady from the county air ambulance come out to give a presentation to the children at our home ed group session.  She was really good with them, it was very interactive and role playing based. Spot on for a mixed age bunch of home ed kids.

20161012_5 20161012_6 20161012_20 20161012_22 20161012_24It was a lovely session all round.  I’d printed off some of their sheets to keep the children busy while we waited for the lady to be ready to start and they threw themselves into it.  Some fabulous pictures of zombie apocolypses and giant reptiles breathing fire at helicopters.  After the presentation it was out into the garden with bats and balls and free play and chat.

It was a good day overall which considering I physically feel very meh with an ear infection was nice.  We finally got a job ticked off our todo list that has been there too long, by finishing our story discs.  Sam’s ideas were too complicated for pictures (unless we were going to spend days on it) so we settled for writing the words on the discs.

20161012_2We managed maths, English, Latin and Spanish and half an hour cuddled up reading biography of Queen Victoria.

When we got home I put the new Rick Riordan book on the kindle for him.  So there went the afternoon and most of evening.  Although a lot of the evening was spent discussing how to go about fixing the old computer and then reading another new book on the working of computers.


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