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We managed a decent amount last week.  Thinned down to the basics but looking at my plan for the term there is nothing really hanging over that will stop us picking up next half term’s plan and just cracking on.
It was the crafty, art, sciency stuff that went by the wayside this week as home ed has been very, very sofa based.

We did manage to do the reading for this week’s science though, rather than the experiments though we settled on the easier job of rooting through the lego box to find connectors and seeing if we could link them to human joint types.

20161022_14  20161022_18I am now refusing to let him have games installed on the new computer as it is work one so Civilization 3 and 4 arrived on cd-rom for the laptop.  Sam installed it yesterday afternoon and is now lost to us – last I heard he was establishing Buddism and fighting Russia.

Luckily we have a few plans to get out and about this coming week so a quiet weekend recovering strength and then some good excuses to leave the screen and help deal with my fidgets.  I like quiet days but have been a bit too housebound this week for my taste.

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