Apple Pie

I’ve run a lot of group sessions via guiding and home ed over the years.  There are times I take it for granted that I can just pull it out of the bag at the last moment.  Left it very last moment on Friday when I was doing my initial first plan of activities at 11pm of Thurs night and my prep at 8am when I had to be on 9.30am bus!  As often happens I can be at my best under pressure and if I say so myself this was one of those times I really was at my best.

The only plan I had beforehand was it was going to be based on the picture book How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World hadn’t even read the book, bought it on spec having been recommended it by a friend about 10 years ago, believe it was used in the curriculum Five in a Row.

The book tells a story of a trip around the world to gather the ingredients to bake apple pie.  We started with a read of the book and finding the places on a map. Then I set up an activity for each place visited.

20161008_7We did mosiac coasters for Italy, midget gem and cocktail stick Eiffel Towers for France, rasta bracelets for Jamaica, tea cup and saucers for England, leaf collages for Vermont and my truly inspired moment model masks for Sri Lanka.

20161008_1 20161008_8 20161008_9We even ended the session by making apple pies for them to take home.

20161008_2Really like doing this group. It is nice to spend time doing fun stuff with the younger ones and seeing parents that I might not otherwise.  Also providing me with an excuse to revisit picture books, and test my creativity.  Sam meanwhile is perfectly happy doing this 🙂  Takes himself off to Costa with his Kindle.


At home it was a case of more trying to sort out hot water. After spotting an offer for a ChessKids subscription on one of the home ed groups we spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find Sam’s account on there from a previous subscription so we could sign up.  Sam then played chess and other computer games while I induldged in an afternoon sewing before having to sort out Jack for camp.

Sam wasn’t feeling well in th evening so it was no Scouts and instead an evening watching Godzilla.

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