Bursledon Windmill

Weds started with a panic when I woke up to still no hot water, a sick Jack and an email saying that my new computer was coming that day and I had a home ed trip arranged where I was watching others children.

A cup of coffee, deep breath and a few phone calls and I had Jack to the Doctors first thing, my dad installed on our sofa to wait on computer and plumber called to come that afternoon and was all ready to go out by 9.45 (just!)

Windmill was a very pleasant way to spend the morning.  Not sure there was that much learnt from it but it is a lovely place with lovely company and always nice to be out feeling, seeing, touching things.  Sam’s favourite bit was definitely the winnowing.  I think the adults were more interested in bits than the kids particularly the links the language and phrases, separating the wheat from the chaff and threshold leap to mind.


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Sea in the distance from the windmill balcony.  I love living here!
20161007_51We got home and spent most of the rest of the day setting up the computer.  Not surprisingly Sam has been loving this and asking loads of questions.

I did take a break for more chess.

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