Chichester Chillin’

One of the changes or ‘resolutions’ I wanted to implement this academic year is to be less tied to regular commitments and to have more flexibility to catch up with friends away from groups. I don’t always have a great deal of time to chat at groups as am often doing activities or trying to talk to new members so relaxed times at parks or over coffee is nice. Sam often enjoys the couple of people at a time things more too.

Last Friday was one of those days. We were trying to sort out a catch up with friends and they mentioned they had to go to Chichester for something so thought ‘why not?’

We met at the Cathedral for a quick walk round (we’d all been a few times before). I have no recollection of seeing this on previous trips though  20161006_8

A really fabulous stained glass window by Marc Chagall. I picked up the schools leaflets there and they run workshops on it which is now very much on my agenda to book.

They also have several about the spire which collapsed in 1862, the history and the maths/building one both have appeal.  Definitely something to think on.
20161006_12 This blurry photo is purely for the cool cone that we went past on way to cathedral cafe for cake.20161006_13 After coffee and cake we went in search of this bit of street art that I see pop up on my Fb feed sometimes in friend’s photos and really wanted to see.20161006_15

Rain went away and sun came out so we took a quick jaunt to the lovely Priory Park. 20161006_16 20161006_17

Before we headed down my second favourite shopping street (Charing Cross Rd first obviously) full of charity shops (and Chichester charity shops are a cut above), independent toy shops (one of which will supply most of Sam’s Christmas presents I suspect as it is a gem full of art and science resources- website), old fashioned sweet shops and a proper second hand bookshop I didn’t have time to explore.  Will have to go back without children before Christmas.

Sam bought a couple of Lego kits and had a pleasant couple of hours when he got home before heading out to scouts.



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