Dockyard Delights

Last weekend was a total and utter disaster!  The catalogue of disaster actually started on Friday when we noticed water dripping through the living room ceiling. Never a good sign!  Convinced it was the bath we decided to leave until Saturday and then have a look. Sufficent to say we couldn’t track it down under the bath (and broke bath panel trying), turned out to be hole in cistern.  I won’t bore you with the tale that means a week later I still have no hot water!

The other tragedy was Windows 10 malfunctioning following an update and killing the computer. A self employed home educator is seriously in a mess without a computer. After spending 48 hours trying to fix it (called in experts but they were going to charge a lot for doing something Pete felt capable of and didn’t work anyway) we cracked and bought a new one.  Hoping the old one can be recovered and reconditioned as a gaming one for Sam, being positive and seeing it as a bit of a project for Pete and Sam to work on and learn from, while I now have a shiny new work computer.  On a side note you have no idea how relieved I am that I put all my HE planning into a website rather than spreadsheets this year 🙂

Anyway the shadow of plumbers and computers have hung over the week and screwed up plans. Not able to access my HE planners has left me winging it for much of the week.  We have done our best to make the most of things though.

We managed to muddle through English, Maths, Latin and Spanish first thing on Monday.  The advantage of having books and curricula there rather than just my own notes to go on.

We had planned on going for a walk with friends but with the plumber coming at some point it ended up be coffee and lego play at ours. Still a pleasant morning.
We had to go over to the dockyard to pick up new passes in the afternoon, Pete came home with our printed voucher thankfully and then went back to work as plumber had been and gone (we’d hoped he was staying but more parts needed).

Dockyard turned out to be exactly what we needed too.  Sam does love Action Stations.  I remembered to take reading material for a change but soon dumbed it to go and play too 🙂  We are so lucky to have a resource like Portsmouth Dockard on our doorstep.

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