Down but not out

I say it time and time again but one of the real pluses of HE is the ability to absorb sick days.  Sam has been properly ill this week (demonstrated by being sick the minute we sat down to tea on Mon). Would have definitely been no school.  It was also clear that wrapping up in a blanket and carrying on HE as normal (without the going out bit) like we often can, wasn’t on the agenda either; boy was white as a sheet, drained and headachy.

So we’ve had a very pleasant few days in the circumstances of documentaries (Queen Victoria’s Children), reading (Story of India and The BFG), Spanish practice competitions and maths puzzles and games.  We’d finished a topic so the plan for this week was ‘enrichment tasks’ anyway and he loves those.  He’s now grumbling that we didn’t teach him algebra as a toddler as he’d find it easy by now if we had :/

City of Zombies as ever is the maths game of choice.  We’ve had it nearly two years now and me, Pete and my Dad enjoy it as much as Sam.  one of the best board games we have never mind how brilliant it is as a maths tool.  Very, very, very highly recommend!
20161019_5He’d recovered enough by yesterday afternoon to spend the afternoon on Scratch.  Touch wood we’re over the worst as things to do!

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