First Day of School

Actually not really.  But yesterday Sam did a full day workshop at a local theatre on a Hogwarts theme.  While not the first time he has been away from me that long (he’s a scout who happily goes off camping) it was a new sort of set up for him. He was nervous in the morning I could tell and as such I spent all day hanging around Portsmouth as promised not to go far.  He’s never really shown any interest in this sort of thing but he was going with a friend and that swung it.

He seems to have enjoyed it though, talked to people, was a bit miffed at getting sorted into Hufflepuff.  I only got a vague outline of what he did but he did bring home this lovely wand.

img_1381I enjoyed the day less.  Portsmouth is a really appalling place away from the Dockyard (although quite like Southsea seafront).  For a city with the historical and cultural links (birthplace of Brunel and Dickens) it does have it, really doesn’t capitalise on them.  Hey ho – managed to have the haircut I have been putting off since August and start a bit of Christmas shopping.

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  1. I so agree that Pompey doesn’t do herself justice on the historic side, there are so many other things that she could utilize to her advantage and bring her past into today. x

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