Halloween Fun

Yesterday was the home ed group’s Halloween session.  Being not at all prepared I was up by 5am and had made a prototype sock cat by 6.30.  The rest of the morning vanished in packing and craft prototypes and making up certificates for a pumpkin decorating competition.

With around 40 children expected and potential for a few more last minute I must admit there was a certain element of ‘oh dear what have I let myself in for’ about it.  In the end we had 36 children and it didn’t feel crowded, loud (apart from balloons popping) or manic at all.  Children all kept busy doing there own things while adults did the crafts I’d prepared for the children 😉  In the end I opened the doors because the adults were struggling with the heat, considerably over an hour in and not one child had asked when I was opening the door.

Reassuring to know how well the hall copes when I think how many Christmas will probably bring.  Need to find my whistle though for attention grabbing I think.

Sam carved his own pumpkin before we went and did as good a job as I do.  So wahay that is that part of my life done with.  Plus the day ended on a positive note workwise so a very good day overall.

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