Halloween Science Workshop

Yesterday I’d organised a couple of Halloween themed science workshops for the group. They were so popular that I booked two to allow more to take part. I could probably have filled a third too if time had allowed us to squash another in.

Sam while not on top form (doing a good ghost impression), was able to cope with a structured (no running about) short session with the added advantage of being near home.

I had to be there for 1pm because of having the two workshops but Sam kept himself busy with Lego and Kindle and a friend came early deliberately to keep him company until his workshop started at 3.

20161019_18 20161019_32

The workshops as ever were fantastic.  They were run by a lady I’ve come across in several roles over the years but she’s now running her own outfit Natural Selection Learning.

The session started with feely bags.

20161019_45Then moved on to working round activities.  I have lots of photos of other children (a friend’s 5 yo who I was watching in particular 😉 ) not so many of Sam though so lets see.

Lots of creepy crawlies to explore under microscopes and shine UV light on.

Skull drawing with chalk on black paper.


Making up spells by having to identify items such as spider’s legs and dragonfly wings.


There were also fossils to identify and link to ‘old wives tales’ about them from before people knew what they were.  Plus some bones to handle and read about.  I think the favourite may have been assemble (and disassemble) the skeleton.

20161019_62 20161019_64


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