Mysteries at Milestones

Wednesday saw us braving a trip to Milestones in half-term! There was a special event on and we’d run out of time to fit it in before half term so it was now or never.  It wasn’t too busy.

I’ve never been particularly impressed by Milestones.  It’s an okay place but not worth a trip to Basingstoke for normally.  Some of their special events are good though and this one really was.  The children had to work their way around the reconsturcted Victorian streets to find out who had kidnapped Queen Victoria and where she was hidden.

Sam Holmes and Grace Watson ran off (humming Sherlock theme and complaining at lack of a deerstalker) and I followed in their wake.  It really was very well done.  The clues were proper clues rather than the usual find letters etc. Plus Sam and Grace make a very good team at this sort of thing, well matched in terms of brightness, complementary in skills and interests, so it is a team effort.

20161029_1 20161029_4 20161029_5 20161029_12 20161029_16 20161029_19 20161029_23 20161029_24 20161029_25 20161029_27We spent some time exploring the 1930/40’s area with a trip to sweet shop for rations.
20161029_31 20161029_36 20161029_37 20161029_41

20161029_42 20161029_44 After lunch, where we upset Sam by singing to the jukebox. It was time for the highlight, we’d booked a slot in the escape room.  Sam had needed a lot of reassurance before we left the house that we wouldn’t really be locked in for an hour.  He absolutely loved the reality though as I knew he would.
Took us about 30mins and we were guided round by a member of staff while they solved clues to locate the kidnapper from the earlier mystery.

20161029_48 20161029_55 20161029_59 20161029_60 20161029_62 20161029_63 20161029_65

A bit of time in the Victorian arcade before leaving.  Despite Sam’s worries that morning it was a really good day out.

20161029_67 20161029_69 20161029_73


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