On the Up

After the trials of the last couple of weeks yesterday, yesterday it felt like we finally swept aside the hassle and can now get back to normal.
It was a day of errands. Plumber came and finally sorted leak, we made it out to buy Jack a new bike, go to the library (overdue books) and have Sam’s flu jab, plus I think I finally am there with everything on the computer.
We managed the usual maths, English, Latin and Spanish, did some work on the geography and climate zones of India.


I read aloud from our biography of Queen Victoria while Sam drew (and hid when camera came out). Sam sumerised the chapter for his blog.

20161014_6Then we watched an episode of a documentary on monsoons that with very good timing has been on this week.
Grandad arrived and Sam’s last geography task was to explain about monsoons to Grandad.  We had a play with the story discs we’d made earlier in the week. Not the best choices for things on the discs for a coherant story – but I knew that.
My dad then decided to teach Sam poker.  Sam loved it but doesn’t approve of folding so could get ver poor very quickly.
After errands and a chip shop tea it was an evening of gang show rehearsals.

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