Project Distraction

With Pete and Jack away, a gas engineer coming to try where plumber had failed, our plan for a day with friends in tatters and an ill Sam, Saturday needed a project I felt.

A quick search of Argos revealed that they could deliver a K’nex ferris wheel that day for not too scary a price (anything worth doing Lego wise was prohibited by cost).  We did go through a spell of K’nex years ago and even had the same kit but it has been in the cupboard for ages.  Need to get it out I think and see if I can ignite an interest in K’nex, there are some interesting looking education K’nex kits which aren’t ridiculous price wise.

Took most of the afternoon but ta da

Evening was spent celebrating having heating up water by indulging in wine and puzza.  We watched Clash of the Titans which was not a good idea with my little expert in Greek Mythology.  The plot line did not meet approval 😀

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