Trying to find our Mojo

Monday was all about trying to get our mojo back after the various obsticles of the week before.  Unfortunately we have a leak in the new tank and appointments to rearrange and errands that should have been run to do.
In order to try and shake things off and start with a positive mindset we headed out for a walk along the beach first thing, manna for the soul.


The focus at home was on catching up with bits that had gone a bit by the way side.  Taking inspiration from both the photography side and Georgia O’Keeffe exhibition Sam spent time getting some close up photographs of a bunch of flowers.

img_1211 img_1213 img_1216 img_1226Then we turned our attention to creative writing.  I’d transcribed a story we’d made up with story cubes.  Sam then spent an hour tweaking, improving and making it make sense.  My ‘I hate creative writing’ son actually has a very passable 2 typed pages of story and despite the initial groan really enjoyed doing it.

Afterwards Sam brainstormed ideas for our own story discs while I painted them.

After lunch we spent a while looking at our What’s Where in the World book (this is one of my top 10 home ed books I think) and discussing what we could learn about landscape, climate, landforms etc of India.

We then spent most of the afternoon with me reading from a biography of Queen Victoria while Sam played Lego.


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