My baby turned 11 yesterday.  That is really quite scarily old. 
There are so many benefits to home ed that it would be impossible to list them at any one time.  But being able to do what you want on your birthday is a good one.  No one would ever list it as a reason to home ed but it’s definitely a perk.
As I mentioned though Sam is not the most decisive for smaller things and birthday plans fall under that.  Therefore birthdays tend to end up being very lowkey and with one particular friend who is happy to put up with Sam changing his mind 3 times and mostly wanting to hang out at home!
What we did in the end was go and see the latest Ice Age film as part of the Into Film festival.  To show how long we’ve been home edding we saw Ice Age 2 as part of the film festival in it’s previous incarnation round about Sam’s 1st birthday.  We hadn’t planned it but we managed to find seats with one of Sam’s friends so worked nicely.
After the cinema we had half hour or so before picking up Oscar so went to Gap to replenish clothing supplies after the weekend’s clear out had left Sam with about 2 outfits and no pjs.  We had to get this onesie out of the discard pile so he had something.
Once we’d picked up Oscar we crossed the harbour and took a taxi to a local soft play centre.  Last time we were there was exactly a year ago.  Hate soft play centres, this one at least has comfortable sofas and drinkable coffee in proper cups and is not 100 degrees.
We lasted 3 hours before heading home where the boys played.  Oscar had bought Sam a Battle Chess game for the Xbox, they both loved it and spent most of the evening on it before they settled down to sleep on the sofas watching Star Wars.
Today was devoted to play and sorting out.  We had Oscar until lunch time so they played and I made a start on clearing out Sam’s room.  Sam helped for a while this afternoon deciding what could go, before setting himself up on new computer game.  I cleaned his room as it was thick with dust and listed some items on a local selling group.



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