Being Decisive

Decisions, even as simple as chosing lunch, can make Sam teary. I’ve a lot of sympathy with this. I am good on the big ones – buying houses, dropping out of Uni, deciding to HE etc but the ones that don’t matter – do I want a patia or a dansak – are head scratchingly difficult.
Anyway there are a couple of times lately where Sam has shown that he can rise to the bigger ones. 
Friday was one of them when he decided to quit Scouts.  He’s gone right through from Beavers to Cubs to Scouts so it’s quite a big jump.  But he was sure. I gave him plenty of opportunity to change his mind without pressure and there were no wobbles or tears he was sure.
Part of me is sad, this was the last ‘extra curricula’ activity he had left and the only activity with out me there; I think there is something being lost.  That said he is such a different character than Jack.  He hated going out in the evenings and the pack he was in was very physical and a bit rubbish tbh (I had Jack there for 4 years).  When I think about the HE stuff we do, while I might be there but it is definitely more a case of us being in the same place rather than him being with me.  I tend to focus on the organisation or the younger children and he gets on with it with friends (or in some cases goes off elsewhere to entertain himself).  Plus he’s out now somewhere in the village meeting local friends, he’s hardly tied to the apron strings.
Not having a tie on a Friday night does have huge practical benefits in how I structure our week too.  Huge!

In other news we received our extension pack for City of Zombies called Times Square and there went Friday.  I think we did some India themed stuff too but it was mostly about battling zombies 😀


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