Bones and Muscles

Our PJ day didn’t get off to the best start this week as just as Jack was ready to leave for school he was sick.  Looks like he’s succumbed to this evil thing too.  Anyway we got him sorted with informing school etc and made him a cup of tea and left him to sleep it off.

Sam and I worked through Maths, English, Latin and Spanish.  Sam did a lovely piece of descriptive writing inspired by our slightly odd visit to the hotel without staff on Monday.

While I was sorting out the fridge for a Tesco delivery I came across some salt dough that had been in there far too long waiting to be used so decided to get it out, use some and chuck the rest.  While I dealt with Tesco, Sam made some autumn leaves and a diya.

20161102_24Jeremy Paxman’s Empire was lunch time watching and not surprisingly a good discussion prompt.

The afternoon was dedicated to science.  Although we’d ticked off bones on my list I’d bought a new book over half term so we read that and spent a while finding bones on the giant poster.


We then moved on to muscles.  Started with a bit of stretching, reading and testing what happens when you relax muscles.  Sam played a game on the BBC website placeing muscles and then used labelled stickers to label some of my muscles.  Ended by looking at a chicken breast under the microscope.

20161101_12 20161101_13 20161101_16 20161101_19

Random light weapon photo.  Sam has discovered Roblox so rest of the day was spent exploring that.



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