Crackle, Bang, Fizz and Twisters

Half term fizzled out as I finally succumbed to whatever it is that has made Sam still look peaky a good couple of weeks later.  5 days after it hit and I still have jelly legs and am drained.

Anyway we did actually make it out the house twice on Sunday!  First to pick up a Halloween costume as I had just not got the vibe this year and no way could I contemplate any thing that required effort of any kind.  Second to a local fireworks display.

I always think fireworks aren’t for us after a disasterous trip to the ones at Sultan many years ago.  But on reflection it is Jack that didn’t like them, Sam has never been to a proper display (out of a sling anyway) so thought it was about time I took him.

We went with friends to ones at a local museum.  On reflection there wasn’t a lot to do really; 3 rides only one of which was suitable age wise, a few stalls, the museum itself which we’d done many times, bouncy castle that was very small and although free time was short so others could have turns and very expensive food stalls.  We managed to miss the fire juggler.

On paper not great but as often happens the experience feels different.  There may have only been one ride but they really, really liked it! We may have done the museum many times but we like it and the friend’s we were with hadn’t. Plus the fireworks were good and I handed over a ridiculous amount of money for a glowing, noisy sword/light saber that made him very happy.

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