Division, Nerves and Roblox

They were the themes of Tuesday.

Sam isn’t finding the maths we’re doing particularly easy but he’s working at it and doing really well at grasping the concepts.  Same can be said of the writing course we’re working through.  He’s never going to sit and write stories or poems for fun, but he’d made huge inroads into being able to structure, summarise and add description.  Generally on pleased mum here.

Besides the basics most of the morning went on Science.  We were looking at nerves.  We did some reading, tested reflexes and made a neuron. The greatest fun came in testing reaction times.  I dropped a ruler through his fingers for him to catch and we could measure how many centimetres it took.  Then we took a poster tube and taped a piece of card to the bottom so we had time when you could see the balls.  Then we dropped coloured balls down the tube with the idea that you caught green and blue and left pink and yellow.  Surpisingly tricky.

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After another episode of Empire over lunch, we did an activity from his Asia unit, looking at identifying locations of different countries.

The rest of the afternoon was spent making a game and then playing on Roblox while I worked.

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