Sometimes we all need some.  I feel like we’re happily cocooning at the moment but in reality we’ve been out most days, I think it is not so much that we’re staying in, more that we’re happy in each other’s company and not feeling hugely sociable.  It’s felt a quiet week with all academic stuff has been put to one side in favour of reading, Lego and (mostly) Civilization V.  We’ve made it out to see The Jungle Book, again by sheer chance finding the same friends we found at Monday’s cinema outing.  We also took a wander into town on Weds as I had a headache and decided it would be better out and it was.  Sam spent one of his birthday vouchers on books and sweets and we bought stuff to pack a shoebox with gifts.  Then of course he’s never too antisocial for trampolining 😉







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