Family Time

Thursday was a hanging about at home day again.  We really have needed it this week.  We spent the morning on schooly type stuff again but are close to caught up on last week.  Finished off watching Empire and reading the book on it. 
My Dad came round in the afternoon and it was a lovely chilled, playing and building Lego sort of afternoon. 
Had a lot of amusement when my Dad and Sam had a disagreement, so I was called in to add the deciding opinion.  I agreed with my Dad.  So my view was discounted as the deciding voice and I was kicked off the computer, where I’d been doing a bit of work while they played, so he could look it up.  I love that he has the conviction to try to support his ideas and doesn’t just accept what an adult says.  Even if on this occasion we were right.  Boy will go far with that attitude. 

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