Festival of Christmas 2016

5/6 years ago the festival was really, really good there was so much to do it was impossible to fit it all in.  The time table of entertainments were poured over trying to decide what to do. This year they didn’t even bother putting a timetable in the programme as outside the tavern there was only a travelling show (although he’s still no matter how many times we’ve seen it a hit) on with any timetabling.  There were members of the drama school singing and performing at regular intervals and bands about but it was a catch them if you see them rather than go and watch thing.  No gun demonstrations, no organised Santa activities, no flea circus, no craft tables, no special activities on the ships as there have been in previous years.  It was a market with a fair.

That said, we enjoyed ourselves.  We did miss it last year.  It doesn’t feel like Christmas until we’ve done the Festival and Sam’s winter coat has a layer of fake snow that we can never get off.

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