I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

I really am! Have to love an Anne Shirley quote too.

The last day of October really was a good one too.  Determined to try to shake of the lethargy and start the half term off well I decided getting us out was the best option.  The weather obliged with a really warm sunny day.

The premise for getting out was the idea of an ‘Autumn story walk’.  The idea being that we’d go for a walk with the camera and take a few photos that we could use as prompts for a story or creative writing piece.

The walk didn’t start well when deciding I needed the toilet 1 minute before the bus was due, I thought better not risk it but I could last the 8 minute bus journey and there are public toilets right there.  Public toilets that were closed!  We pottered into the woods.  Not brave enough to use the bushes as too many dog walkers and children on INSET days and not enough foliag,e we went to the local hotel.  Toilets were locked though presumably to stop people like me walking in.  I was at the level that a coffee and hot chocolate were well worth the price of asking for the key by now.  Over 5 minutes later and a lot of loud throat clearing and wandering about into various rooms (some we probably shouldn’t have been in) and we had completely failed to locate another human being, nevermind one with a toilet key.  Bit panicky by now we abandoned the plan and ran (literally – I can when necessary) down the beach to the public toilets by the sailing club.

Feeling a lot happier about life now (well I was anyway) we hung out in the park where  Sam adopted a stray toddler for a while. Then we headed back for a lovely stroll through the wood.  The positive side of my earlier uncomfortable position is the day after Mr ‘I don’t like creative writing’ wrote a really lovely atmospheric description on an abandoned hotel in the woods.

20161031_36 20161031_38 20161031_41 20161031_42 20161031_43 20161031_45 20161031_48 20161031_53 20161031_55 20161031_56 20161031_57 20161031_60 20161031_62 20161031_65 20161031_71 20161031_73Being the last day of October was of course Halloween.  I’d invited friends who live in the centre of town to join us as it’s a nice area.  I’d meant to throw open a wider invitation but having retired to bed for several days the week before I just sort of never got around to it and arrangements were left very vague. In the end a couple of families joined us just for trick or treating which worked very nicely, no work for still sickly me and company for Sam.  One of the small downsides of HE is while they don’t exactly go short of friends you don’t have the same thing of friends being concentrated in a small local community like you do with school.

We spent the afternoon on some Halloween crafting and carving a new pumpkin after the first one went mouldy.  Plus a random detour to Bonfire Night poetry as I was doing some work while Sam crafted.

Once again it was a lovely evening out on the streets, lovely community feel to Halloween locally.  Jack even bothered to put on a mask to dish out our sweets at home.

Ended the day watching Scream with Jack, reliving my teenage years.

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