Poor Planning

While it was definitely a good idea to take last week off it is proving hard to pick up the pace again especcially as we’re playing catch up.  I would like us to reach the goals I had set for us to reach before Christmas.   Monday was also disturbed by the fact that the dining table was covered in Lego so the day started with another Lego building session to finish the station so we could move it. Plus had an ill Jack at home. 


We managed a decent catch up of Maths (working on long multiplication – slow but loks like it was successfully) and English.  Plus some work on the British Empire for history; another episode of Paxman’s Empire and reading and lots of discussion.  We also carried on with the Asia unit study we are working through (slowly). Photo is Sam looking thoughtfully at the ONS website, considering whether Pete might do something useful at work (we needed population figures).


A reasonably successful day, just feeling pressure that I shouldn’t.

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