Thanksgiving Home Ed Group

Yesterday was our monthly social home ed group.  Work and bed (suffering from one of those colds where everything aches) have taken priority this week so all the prep I’d done beforehand was brainstorm and shop for two activities.  I hadn’t tested the activities or even opened the box to check that I had the right stuff.  Luckily it all came good in the end.

The younger children made Native American headdresses and had their face painted.  There were totem poles and dream catchers to make.  As usual Sam opted to sit with and draw all session.  I got to sit and make woven bead bracelets with the older children.  That was a huge hit with parents as well, quite a moorish activity.



If the adults were taken with the beadweaving then I think it was the edible teepees we did as a group that grabbed the children (and coated them in chocolate).



20161123_151303Lovely afternoon and I was tucked up in bed with cold and achy legs and a good book by 7pm.

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