The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

Friday was the day I push Sam’s education aside in favour of life education instead, he’s starting to leave the venue and potter around the shops in town while I’m busy getting very glittery with other people’s children.  It was time for my monthly picture book group. 

The book was The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark by Jill Tomlinson.  This one skipped me by when the boys were little, heard of it and suspect we read it at some point but wasn’t one of ‘our books’ if you know what I mean. 

20161108_29It’s a lovely book and perfect for a group activity.  In it the owl discovers things about the dark and we did an activity for each.

Dark is exciting – we made sparklers.
Dark is kind – I made a picture gallery printable for ‘my memories’. I’ll get it added at some point.
Dark is fun – we made edible campfires.  Biscuits, green icing, a marshmallow dipped in icing and then red and gold sparkles stuck to the centre as the flame and matchmakers for logs.
Dark is necessary – we made beds in matchboxes wrapped in wrapping paper with seviette bedding.  They could do them for Lego figures or mini princess paper dolls.
Dark is wonderful.  I printed off some constellations and they drew them with metalic markers with star stickers for the stars.
Dark is beautiful.  We made a night sky in a bottle.  It’s two thirds just cold water, topped up with a big spoonful of hairgel dissolved in hot water, a dash of black paint and glitter and star sequins.

Lovely session and a must needed mood lifter.  Glitter (even if it is now in every cup and bowl in my house from trying to clean out the bags when I got home) and hugs off small children will always tend to cheer me up.

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