Posh Shopping, Fond Farewell and Christmas Lights

Yesterday we had tickets for a bus tour of London to see the lights.  Jack’s off now so had both boys with me.  Having mused on the idea of wha else to do while we were there we settled on Harrods. Spent an hour or so browsing food halls and treated ourselves to some Christmas spiced tea and coffee.

After a restorative hot chocolate (Harrods was busy!) we decided that since we were on the right road we had to go and say goodbye to Dippy.  We only had 40 mins to spare so it was a quick whip round the dinosaurs for old times sake.

I will never stop being amazed at how marvellous and how detailed this building is.  Think I love the building more than the exhibits.
Then it was to Victoria for an open topped bus tour of the ity to take in the lights.

Fabulous day, even allowing for our Harrod’s carrier bag ending up full of vomit on the journey home.

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