Call in the Substitute

I jokingly said to a teacher friend this morning that I might have to resort to calling in my substitute teacher today (Pete and I have come down with what Jack had last week), the TV 🙂


We do love a good documentary and try to have one on the go tieing into our current topics.  We don’t have one at the moment though, I’d recorded something about the brain but on closer look it was about experimenta psychology and I could see it not going down well with Sam so in the end we settled on last years RI Christmas Lectures – obviously I’ve had a healthy year if we’ve not got around to these yet 😀

We’ve actually achieved a surprising amount considering how rotten I feel. Sam is going through a spell of self motivation and is happy working at ‘sit down at the table stuff’ rather than our usual more hands on approach.

He’s worked on story telling and started preparing a speech, started to get to grips with Latin grammar not just vocab, practiced Spanish, we’ve read lots on the jobs of the brain and worked though loads of memory games and activities (and improved his Scratch memory game), completed his unit study on countries of Asia, read lots of the History of Asia and had a lot of fun with maths. He’s looking at patterns and algebra and we’ve been doing investigations with Pascal’s Triangle and Fibonacci sequences – exactly the sort of maths that he loves.

Snotty nose, sore chest and almost no sleep in 3 nights aside, it hasn’t been a bad couple of days. 

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