Christmassy Creativity and Bouncing

Very late I am starting to catch the Christmassy vibe at long last.  I know lots of people were grumbling in Nov at the decorations but it really does kill the festive season for me having it in your face for so long, it’s hard to be excited about it when it goes on so long. 
Anyway I started the day playing with making snowflakes.
We had a few activities to finish from Sam’s creative writing scheme.  We started with Stories from our Neighbourhood.  Sam made a collage of a street and added details.  Later in the day he wrote a small story about it.  I like the flying shark!
The second activity was our Christmas Story Walk.  I had intended to just walk round the local streets enjoying the lights one evening but all but 1 of my neighbours seem to have gone discreet and tasteful this year.  So we roped Grandad in for a trip to Keydells, a nursery about 1/2 hr away where they have a Christmas Woodland Walk.  This is a staple visit for many friends but without the car we’ve never been.  Probably a good thing as with his dummy/auton phobia it would not have gone down well when he was younger, we were both a bit freaked at some of the figures now.  Definitely Christmas with a sinister twist.  He took my camera and had a whale of a time though.

After the walk we had a brief look around the nursery, nearly fainted at what they were charging for decorations.  We were going to have lunch in the cafe but crikey it was loud, full of oung children, just being young children but in a small space so we headed to the Tesco opposite trampolining.
Trampolining was quiet thanks to huge numbers of the group being at the panto but it was lovely, a chance to play and chat with people that we don’t normally.

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