Experiencing The Globe

I firmly believe that the best way to learn is to experience. I know Sam only remembers a small fraction of the trips and activities we’ve done but that’s enough and I see and hear him making links all the time so even that which he can’t consciously remember sinks in.
When opportunity for free tickets for a Winter community/schools concert at Shakespeare’s Globe dropped into my email box (top home ed hint – get yourself on every educational mailing list going!) I couldn’t resist.
It was such a fabulous place, amazing building and lovely atmosphere. We had the excitement of being given seats in the gentry box too! Concert was lovely too.

We had a list of potential places to visit lined up after but as we’d walked along the South Bank the Christmas festival was much bigger than anticipated. So since everyone had been ill and no one was over blessed with energy plus we were seriously weighed down.  Neither of us could resist these but not the lightest thing to carry.

Also couldn’t resist stocking up on weapons on a really fabulous stall.  Better quality and cheaper than EH, the usual stockist of Sam’s armoury.  There were some lovely stalls actually and cheaper in general than usual Christmas market.

Those children don’t do the posing for photos thing well.  Unless they have weapons it seems 😀

Another lovely day and definitely need to go and watch some Shakespeare at the Globe at some point in the not too distant future.

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