Manipulatives and Bath Bombs

We’ve finished Maths for the year so Weds was a bit of playing with investigative maths which quickly turned into playing with cubes.

The morning pretty much floated away from us that way.  We did manage some reading curled up in bed.
The afternoon had us at the hall for our group, where we were making bath bombs.  Loving this group, the children are all of an age they can work in groups and it’s a lovely bunch and gives me scope to do things that need more adult leading or cooperative work.

We made two types of bathbomb, citrus stars and chocolate mint cakes, plus an awful lot of mess. A lot of mess. 

After they had a choice of paper crafts or garden. Garden won!

Evening was spent playing a board game that is a simple version of chess, drawing and watching a documentary about C17th London.  Catch up isn’t working on Virgin so we are working through things I’d recorded and we’ve not got round to watching yet.

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