Never Too Old To Play

Wednesday saw us back at the hands on centre for the second of the two workshops that I’d booked.  This time it was Sam’s group’s turn to do Victorian Christmas.
I wasn’t sure how it would go down with the kids as most were on the very top edge or older of age range the session was aimed at.  But I sold it to those going as it’s December lets not worry about the academic and have a bit of festive fun, the centre did also tweak considerably for us to take account of age and made it more fun. 
She also ended up throwing her plan out of the window anyway on the day as we lost a few through illness so were a smaller group than anticipated and all bar a few know each other really well (and new ones slotted in well) and it soon became apparent that they kids had come in the spirit I’d hoped, they’d come to have fun!  The structure and most activities went out of the window in favour of letting them indulge themselves in roleplay.  Was so lovely to see them playing together so happily. 
There’s a lovely bunch of kids but they are all growing up and the childish play seems to be slipping away so lovely to see they haven’t lost it 🙂

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