Stimulating the Senses

Morning started with finishing off Sam’s patterns and algebra unit with a game of pairs.  Also the week of his Writing With Ease – although this week’s naration book has gone on to the kindle and he’s reading the series This is why I love using WWE he’s gone on to read so many books we’d never have encountered otherwise.

The rest of the day was dedicated to science as we had two week’s worth to cover and I may have got a but over enthusiastic with the planning so after a trip to the shop for supplies, post office to get last of Christmas posting done, a chapter of the History of India and lunch, we squished what we could into the afternoon.
Pretty much everything took so much longer than anticipated, even the reading as we got distracted by visual illusions.  But that was due to Sam’s enthusiasm so can’t complain.
The spoon trick to pick up the vibrations worked really, really well!

Showing an upside down image with the help of a magnifying glass.
Trying to see changes in pupils due to light/dark.
Testing range of vision
And looking through colour paddles
Identifying where sounds come from.
Hearing the vibrations come up the strings when the spoon is tapped.
Cup and string telephone.
Balance. Turns out standing on one leg on a cushion without a blindfold was hard enough.
Smell and taste tests
Trying to identify by touch through thick gloves.

Evening was spent writing Christmas cards, reading and drawing.

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