Water, Water Everywhere and a bit of Indian Culture

We’re in mopping up mode, finishing off units and wrapping up projects.  After some maths and English Monday morning was mostly sppent playing with water colours.

Sam painted spots over the paper and we left it outside in the rain (amazing how few rainy days we’ve been home – this one has been on the list for a while).  Produced a good effect.  The line is him dropping a pencil on it while it was drying.

Sam also painted a reflection with an oilpastel cityscape

And we both did a water silhouette – paint a simple outline then fill in with water and add splodges.

There was even more art work as Sam worked on his penguin scratch art while I read aloud from our Story of India book.

The afternoon was dedicated to Indian culture, we read info and stories, listened to sitar music, watched Bollywood videos, coloured in costumes and played snakes and ladders and ludo.

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