Back to it!

Ok we weren’t champing at the bit to get started this morning.  I got distracted by work and Sam fell asleep after his alarm and then decided to have a very long bath!

We did okay though.  Maths was measuring and very hands on which helped us get back in the swing.

Seeing how my foot compares to a foot.

We started looking at China by locating it and then making a factfile.  Diverged into Asia properly with an introduction to the physical features.  Then watched the first episode of Michael Foot’sStory of China over lunch.
We didn’t feel like history so we spent some time on CodeAcademy before Sam went on to Roblox and I sat down to work (and procrastinate – that sort of afternoon.Off to see if he wants to do history now (reading an adaption of Oliver Twist) and rais the question of leaving the house tomorrow.  We’ve taken root I think and outside isn’t appealing – there are people 😉

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