Bounce until you drop

Sam’s first words on getting up were ‘Are we going out today?’, knew he was desperately hoping the answer was no.  However the answer was trampolining which was better than no šŸ™‚
He was still looking (and sounding – asthma rattle very evident) decidedly peaky but was in the mood to make an effort.  I sneakily swapped around the jobs on our plan for the week so anything vagually active fell today and tomorrow’s work is mainly reading, in other words we can retreat to bed if we want.
Maths was quite active (tired me out anyway) we were jumping, estimating how far and measuring.   There was also measuring different body parts and comparing them.  He’s surprisingly knowledgeable about the Golden Ratio ) Many moons ago I bought this book.  I have largely trained myself out of buying books that ‘might come in useful one day’ and have got rid of many that were cluttering up the shelves.  However I do have a small but excellent collection of ‘books I will make sure I work it so we have a reason to use even if that takes years’.  This is one of those!  Our first project was looking at architecture, we talked about feng shui, read about the Great Wall and made a Mongol yurt.  Mainly from cocktail sticks and marshmallows.

 Then it was an hour and a half of bouncing.  He dropped then, pretty much fell asleep in the car.  We got dropped off in the village so we could collect prescriptions and walked home via library to collect the huge pile I’d reserved.
What I do now when we start a topic is go through Amazon and identify good books (love the look inside feature) stick them in the basket, then go through the library catalogue and reserve the ones they have, removing them from Amazon as I go.  If there are any left I decide if I really do need them and if so order.  Working well as a routine and the library staff like to guess my plans šŸ™‚
He slumped in a heap of books on the sofa when we got home until he had an urge to make a very red cake!

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