Burning Energy

It hit me yesterday that Sam had been in pjs (different ones, I did force him to wash sometimes) since Christmas Eve! As such it might be time to leave the house. Sudden mood to go geocaching struck, and friends were up for it too.
Unfortunately an hour or so after I’d finalised the arrangements to meet up, Sam got up looking full of cold and white as a sheet.  By half ten he was slumped over the table and it looked like plans would go out of the window and we’d be on the sofa for the rest of the day.
Thought we’d try a bit of science and see if that picked him up.  It did, amazing what a bit of setting fire to things can do πŸ™‚
We were looking at nutrition and what we need/should eat.  Sam made an ‘eatwell’ plate and we did some reading. 

We also tested food for energy content.  Well we did a version shall we say.  It wasn’t a time to be rigorous on the fair test it was fun and an idea that we wanted.  Turns out finding foods that catch fire is surprisingly hard, cereals and rice cakes were the order. 
We put 20ml of water into the test tube and measured the temperature.  Put some food on a skewer and set it on fire. Held the test tube over the food for 90 secs or until the food burnt out and meaured the temperature change.  We tried for roughly same size pieces of food.  When we’d tested everything we could get to stay alight we ranked them by which had the biggest temperature rise and then compared them to the energy content and they tallied.

He had his spark back after that so lunch was rushed off and out we went.

3 caches looked for 3 found.  Was a lovely afternoon.  Been a couple of years since we’ve had a go but we have the bug again.

In the evenng a couple of boxes containing late Christmas presents showed up so Sam has been having a go with Qixels.  He’s been eyeing them up from adverts in the Beano for a while, I dismissed it as buying in to marketing hype but he was hugely excited and went to bed saying how much he liked them πŸ™‚

A good day πŸ™‚


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